Six Ways to Prepare for a Move without Harming the Environment

Isn’t it great how more and more people are increasing their focus on improving our environment? It all comes down to how each of us manages our carbon footprints. And, it applies to every aspect of your daily life, including when you are moving to a new home. Here are six things NYC movers suggest doing to protect the environment when moving:

#1 Use Green Cleaning Chemicals

It’s probably one of the least enjoyable parts of any move because you not only have to clean the house or apartment where you’re moving from, but you’ll also want to clean your new home as well before you move in. Some cleaning chemicals, and especially aerosols, are harmful to the environment. But you can easily find eco-friendly products for all of your cleaning needs.

And if you’re planning on hiring a cleaning service or a professional carpet cleaner, you’ll find that many of them are realizing their global responsibilities and advertise greener methods of cleaning.

#2 Limiting Emissions

Emissions are a huge consideration when you are planning for a move. Emissions are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution that is plaguing our atmosphere. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Any friends or family that may be helping could carpool together to reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Try to avoid moving items in cars. You’ll be saving gas and reducing emissions.
  • If you’re renting a truck, while it might be cheaper to get a smaller one, you may end up making more trips, using more gas, and releasing more exhaust fumes. A larger truck is a more eco-friendly option.
  • Professional movers are also available who specialize in environmentally-friendly practices.

#3 Seek Out Recycled Packing Materials

You’ll be using a lot of boxes, packing material, tape, and other moving supplies. Luckily, you can easily find items made out of recycled materials. You could even take the move as an opportunity to buy long-lasting storage boxes or totes, made from renewable sources of course, for items that tend to remain in storage for longer periods.

#4 Minimize Garbage

You’ll be sorting through a lot of stuff as you are packing everything. And, you will usually find yourself with a few things that you either forgot you even had or realize that you no longer need. Donating or selling them rather than throwing them away will help with our ever-growing landfill problems.

#5 Plan Eco-Friendly Snacks

You’ll need beverages and food for you, anyone helping you, and even professional movers on moving day. And, if you’re not careful, all those drinks and snacks can create a lot of garbage.

You could have some sandwiches or other grab-and-go food ready for everyone to munch on instead of buying take-out. And, to minimize the use of plastic water bottles, you could buy everyone a reusable beverage container they can keep.

#6 Recycle When You’re Done

Have a plan in place for what you will do with all the boxes and moving supplies after you finish. Of course, you could recycle everything. Or, you could use your social media outlets and give the supplies to someone else that’s about to move, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint a little by not purchasing new supplies.


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